Sébastien Camusot, 35 ans, est le nouveau eCommerce Practice Leader de WITH Paris.

Ce n’est pas uniquement pour sa longue expérience chez Amazon France, que Branislav Peric et Olivier Philippe l’ont embauché. Sébastien est avant tout un jeune homme guidé par les enjeux business et la technologie pour aider les marques à répondre aux enjeux du nouveau commerce.

Sébastien Camusot rejoint WITH en eCommerce & Amazon Practice Leader

— Sébastien, tu as démarré ta carrière chez Amazon ? Quels secrets y as-tu appris ?

J’ai eu la chance de rejoindre Amazon en France très tôt, nous étions 80 et quand j’en suis parti, sept ans plus tard, nous étions plus…

Amazon Pharmacy
Amazon Pharmacy

Making drugs a low-margin commodity

Pharmacy chains like Walgreens and CVS have already seen their retail revenues suffer from the rise of Amazon’s convenient “everything store.” Today, they have a new challenge: in addition to disrupting their “front of the store,” Amazon is angling to disrupt their core business of drug distribution.

Amazon’s interest in disrupting the drugstore is decades old. In 1999, Amazon bought 40% of Drugstore.com (at the time, a pre- product and pre-revenue company). Bezos would later hire its CEO, Kal Raman, to run hardlines (retail products which are hard to the touch) at Amazon.

Amazon proceeded…

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash

As the pioneer of eCommerce, Amazon has change the game of eCommerce but it’s now disrupt by a lot of initiatives from emerging actors.

As the pioneer of eCommerce, Amazon has change the game of eCommerce but it’s now disrupt by a lot of initiatives from emerging actors.

One sentence about competition I love to quote is :

If a competitor makes an improvement, you must make an equal or greater improvement just to stay neck-and-neck with them. Stay the same and you fall behind.

Matt Ridley, author of The Red Queen Effect,

Standing still is the fastest way of moving backwards in a rapidly changing world.

So what are initiatives from emerging players ?

Launched in 1994, Amazon captured 31.4% of all US e-commerce retail sales, according to Digital Commerce 360.

Many consumers discovered the convenience of e-commerce and other online activities during the pandemic. In 2020, the share of e-commerce grew at two to five times the rate before COVID-19. Roughly three-quarters of people using digital channels for the first time during the pandemic say they will continue using them when things return to “normal,” according to McKinsey Consumer Pulse surveys conducted around the world.

eCommerce has grown two to five times faster than before the pandemic.

Spain > 9% of Retail Sales (effect 4.7x vs 2015)

United Kingdom > 24% of Retail Sales (4.5x vs 2015)

United States > 20% of Retail Sales (3.3x vs 2015)

Germany > 14% of Retail Sales ( 2.3x vs 2015)

France > 9% of Retail Sales ( 2x vs 2015)

China > 27% of Retail Sales (1.6x vs 2015)

Full Read here

Credits https://unsplash.com/@nordwood

On-demand manufacturing is an interesting trend to follow in coming next years in #eCommerce and #Retail.

At the opposite of mass market approach you can imagine the possibility to “print” or manufacture a product on demand.

As the pioneer of eCommerce, Amazon recently launched :

  • Made for You a new service/brand to design a t-shirt fitting your specific measurements and preferences.
    - Build-it to collect and manufacture a device connected to Alexa. The first product will a sticky note printer for your shopping list !

Impacts are really interesting vs the classical business model :
1. No Markdowns
2. Eliminate Waste
3. Quick Turnaround
4. Market Testing
5. Better Cash Flow

Sébastien Camusot (Digital Seb)

eCommerce & Amazon Practice leader @withParis_ I’m focus on Human, Operations and Technology to build future of eCommerce & deliver growth for ambitious brands

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